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#701. Sad anniversary: One year since WordPress announced loss of new Daily Prompts

Sad decision

Reputation built
Now quicksand and silt
How users betrayed
‘D’ fail grade displayed
Guilty to the hilt

Alan Grace
25 May 2018

Daily prompt: Guilty

One year ago today, WordPress announced it was giving one week’s notice that the Daily Post  was closing down- that there would be no new daily prompts etc 🙁 Why kill it?

To the Daily Post Community: Thank You!

Just how much effort does it take to choose a word at random from a dictionary?

Or use a random word generator. e.g.

My idea was to perhaps just start repeating words from a couple of years ago or last year.

Do you need resources for your posts? Daily prompts automatically updated each day (or type in your own keyword)


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Fantail II

Fantail II

Now rest in peace Jim, we are all right
How blessed God’s best whim to fail your fight
You are with Him, always in sight
Memories dim, our thoughts stay bright
Whene’er we see fantails aflight
Brown grey feathers fantailed with white
Twittering towards sunshine’s bright light
Flittering forwards fearing the night.

Alan Grace
27 April 2019

Jim passed in 2006 while battling cancer and releasing himself from Hospice care to get his affairs in order.

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Gutenberg iceberg II. Do you find it easy to switch back to the WordPress Classic editor?



Oh Classic Editor
How I love you
With your clear firm lines
And your soft open spaces
Oh how easy it is to slide into you
Oh what joy we can have there
Creating and recreating joy and bliss
Winding ourselves up into ecstasy
Oh how beautiful you are
My long lost lover
Oh how I craved to be in your arms again
Oh how I craved to the freedom you gave
I yearned for you
I longed for you
And your gentleness
Oh how you invited me in
Where together we could create beautiful things
Oh my love we are back together again
Oh my love never leave me again
Never leave me abandoned again
I love you so much
I am eternally yours
Stay with me for ever
And never let me go