Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet

I’m not some silly dumb fool
One free month of feeling cool
Quiet peace all enjoying
None- not one call annoying
From marketers or for school

Alan Grace
24 February 2019

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It is now over a month since I stopped having a landline phone. I was not using it much anyway.

No longer any calls from telephone marketers.

Also my old landline number was the same as a local school except for the last digit. So no more calls from people trying to contact the local school (who put in the number wrong).

I changed my internet service provider (ISP) in January.

My new ISP does not supply a landline number.

The monthly cost is les than one-half of my previous cost (which included a landline).

My broadband is faster. I can now see movies without pauses while the movie continues to download.

I am now using a wifi system. This uses cell phone towers to deliver broadband.

I will not have a fibre connection to my property until next year.

I am not on a contract.

My monthly limit is now 60 Gig per month and I had almost 20 Gig left at the end of last month (actually a 30 day cycle).

I did have to pay for a new modem but including the cost for this, my first month’s broadband was only a few dollar’s more than my previous month’s cost with my old ISP.

My cost now is $39 per 30 days. On special the cost to buy my new modem was $50 (now back to $99 for new subscribers).

If I need to talk for some time with my friends I use (Facebook) Messenger.

I am not joined at the hip with my cell phone. I rarely take my cell phone with me.

Altogether a good compromise and a nice peaceful month!



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Why nigh jeopardize
Thy eyes’ bright sight wise
Trust well hard truth
Dwell quell marred youth
You must not tell lies

Alan Grace
19 August 2018




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