COVID-19~Worldwide estimates for Ro in 2020

We se the results in our previous post to calculate worldwide estimates for Ro in 2020 using data up to mid-August 2020.

We obtain the following table:

For more countries see:


  1. The date and number of cases are when r* was calculated.
  2. The estimate for Ro is the value in penultimate (second to last) column.
    Round this value to one decimal place.
  3. r* is calculated from spreadsheet data using the following algorithm r* = r (in the third line);
    r is the value in the second line:

Historically we used n = 10 in the formula on the first line above. Most recently we use n = 2.5.

We note that in New Zealand r = 1.4033 and r* = 1.4067, both very close to 1.4 estimated in our previous post:

Covid-19~ Does 1.1r^2.5 provide a good estimate for Ro?

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