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You do not need to be Shakespeare
To go into the blogosphere
There is no great art
Speak straight from the heart
Tweak most posts’ start pre-host out there

Alan Grace
31 December 2017

I have now posted more than 700 posts since I started blogging in June 2017.

Thank you everyone for your likes.

A special thank you to everyone who is now following my blog.

On this page I will put some of the resources I have found on my journey.

To get your blog “out there” into the blogosphere you may like to consider:



If you are interested in poetry you may like to look at
Syllable counter

Both of these have a number of options:

Note: Syllable counter does not always count the number of syllables in a line accurately.

For pictures you can always use Google (images) or look at
Pixabay (Good for large images)

All the best for 2018 and 2019.

Alan Grace
31 December 2017


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