Silence (A reverse poem)

Silence (A reverse poem)

I am part of this disadvantaged world
And I refuse to believe that
This will all change
I believe this may not be possible presently
“Gender, Race, Culture makes one equal”
Is a lie and so now is
Pretending none of this inequality happens
So later on I tell them
Being silent
Is more helpful than
Speaking out and having a voice
I tell you this
Once upon a time
We had a utopia, where nothing makes us inferior
But not in my era
There are those willing to step on others in order to get to the top exist
People tell me that
You will never get to the top because of gender or race
I do not deny that
I will live in a society of inequality and of rape culture
In the future
People saying “Don’t GET Raped”
Instead of
“Don’t Rape” would be said
“It’s my fault” is but a whisper that fades eventually
Another voice is gone
No longer would it be said
“We are equal with the same advantages in life”
There will be people who care
It will be evident that
My era will be consumed in the dark, never reaching the light
It is stupid to assume that
In our society there is hope, a voice to be heard
People say that
Pools of hidden tears and silent screams of agony are non-existent
Silence will continue unless we wish to REVERSE it

(Read poem backwards)

Modified by Alan Grace
17 December 2017

Note: Last few lines modified and other minor modifications made

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