Farewell The AAAmazing Phoenix


Am I lost and left forlorn
At my cost I all forewarn
Please Gods will appease
Seize me ill at ease
I am tossed on tempest borne

Alan Grace
7 January 2019

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The AAAmazing Phoenix

There are always reasons
For a Phoenix all seasons
I simmer in summer
I augment in autumn’s stir
Then one winter
In a northern
November hemisphere
I retire
-I cannot remember where-
My heart’s afire
With gnarls and gnashes
And fiery flashes
In December
I turn
I burn
In my fire
My funeral pyre
Then as every ember
Grows older
And colder
And turns to ashes
I freeze
I cease
I expire
In spring eons after
With flickers flames and flashes
-Ignore my tenterhooks
I emerge from the ashes
And await your tender looks
I’m a fierce-some creature
With an eternal feature
Sadly not one you share
For you have perished
Without any laughter
For eons I’ve cherished
Our memories with care
You will be in my heart
Though we will be apart
Now and ever after
Heart torn
I yearn

Alan Grace
4 December 2017

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