Face(book) down

Face(book) down

Now many will see abient
Facebook’s negative gradient
When price fails deeper down
We’ll see less score a frown
Faces will look more radiant

Alan Grace
3 April 2018

Daily prompt: Radiant

Zucked out Facebook share price – latest stock value after shares fall by more than the value of Starbucks following Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal
Facebook suffered its biggest stock market plunge since 2012 as concerns grew over the social network’s handling of user data.

FACEBOOK’S shares nosedived after a major privacy blunder wiped more than £67 billion ($95billion) off the company’s value.

That drop is greater than the total market value of major corporations such as chip-maker Qualcomm ($85billion), Starbucks ($81billion) and Costco ($80billion).

See: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/5853280/facebook-share-price-value-latest-cambridge-analytica-stock-price/





Warning- No April fool (except maybe Trump): Is this the charade of the decade

Warning: No April fool (except maybe Trump)

Is this the charade of the decade

Is this charade of decade
For Facebook no accolade
Access not a good look
To data on Facebook
Users dismayed feel betrayed


Are they charades of decade
The greatest made here displayed
Which one may come first
The best or the worst
They are charades of decade

Is this charade of decade
For C.A. no accolade
Cambridge Analytica
Claims snitched personal data
Users dismayed feel betrayed

Is Trump charade of decade
For U.S. no accolade
People want to thump him
Or trade him for wampum
U.S. dismayed feels betrayed

Two optional verses:

Is this charade of decade
For Crypto no accolade
Bitcoin’s a bubble
Ripple’s in trouble
Buyers dismayed feel betrayed

Is this charade of decade
For WordPress no accolade
The twenty eighteen
Theme will not be seen
Users dismayed feel betrayed

Is this charade of decade
USA no accolade
For a USA visa
No way we’ll state media
Trav’lers dismayed feel betrayed

Is this charade of decade
For me no prayed accolade
I’m on social rocks
I need a detox
I feel dismayed self-betrayed

Alan Grace
1 April 2018




Daily prompt:


State Department may force all US visa applicants to disclose social media accounts: The plan would affect nearly 15 million travellers annually and requires five years worth of social media usernames to be disclosed.

Also see: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/03/30/2018-06496/60-day-notice-of-proposed-information-collection-application-for-nonimmigrant-visavisa1