NCEA resistance is futile; Star wreck: watch this space!

NCEA resistance is futile

NCEA Math sense we cannot forge
There is a vast chasm or gorge
We’ll [b]last into exile
‘Resistance is futile’
NCEA Borg Math will not reforge

Alan Grace
8 December 2017

Daily prompt:  Gorge

Exam stress is bad enough without inappropriate questions.
This year the New Zealand NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement ) Level 1 Maths exam (usually sat in Year 11) was claimed to be too tough.

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See below for an excerpt from an open letter sent to NZQA and NZQA’s response.




Here is an article that appeared in the NZ Herald on 5 December on p A12:


An open letter was sent to NZQA. Here is an excerpt:


Below is the response from NCEA:



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