The Courage to continue

Mais oui … continue

Now how may we continue
To inspire Tao within you
Blessed you try
Best do I
Daily vows recontinue

Alan Grace
17 September 2018

Previous version (which version do you prefer?):

Mais oui … continue

Now how may we continue
To inspire posts within you
Blessed you try
Best do I
Daily [poems] [hosts] recontinue

Alan Grace
16 September 2018

I will still be promoting (recycled) daily prompts on my sites.

Daily Prompts are now updated automatically every day. See:
Daily Prompts automatic update

You are welcome to share your posts on my sites (you do not need a prompt):


We will continue this blog when WordPress 5.0 arrives; soon I hope 😉
May we have the courage to continue (with Gutenberg). See:
When will WordPress 5.0 arrive?


I started contributing to the WordPress daily prompts in September 2017.
The Courage to Continue

There is no need for me to add more posts when you can view my old posts for the WordPress Prompts 😉

Time to wait for WordPress 5.0 to arrive. Hopefully we will not have to wait too much longer 🙁

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Did Churchill say this?


Also see:

Daily word: Continue

Ditto for this one?





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