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Alan Grace
23 May 2018

Daily prompt: Disappear

Except from email sent in the weekend (no reply except automated reply):

Good afternoon

We were on a Sinorama tour of China (3 buses travelling together, over 100 passengers).

A number of issues arose during our stay at the Courtyard Shanghai Jiading .

We stayed at the hotel from 15 May to 17 May (departure).

I have not received a reply from my email below when I reported the theft by staff of a cell phone from a suitcase in our room and the subsequent data theft/use on two days (see email below).

In addition:
1. Staff would not unlock our fridge without authorisation by our guide.
2. Once authorisation was provided, our fridge was still not unlocked until we phoned again.
3. When someone from housekeeping eventually arrived, all the items in the fridge were removed- not a problem for us (we only wanted our water cool) but why was authorisation needed when this happened?
4. When our guide gave authorisation, he was required to give a 500 juan deposit.
5. He requested that all the rooms were checked at 9.00 the next morning so that we could have a speedy checkout.
6. This was not done and in the morning the guide lost the deposit (this was the last day of the tour and passengers had to get to the airport to go home).
7. The lock on the guide’s case was broken while at the hotel. This may have been another attempt by staff to steal contents.

We do not believe the above reflects well on the Marriott brand and hope you can help resolve these issues.

Please reply once you have followed up.


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