Bad business

Bad business

This business practice is so bad
No success just silence I’m glad
No honky tonk
Though sign says HONK
If WordPress ads you like a tad

Alan Grace
16 November 2017

I do not like ads on the main screen in WordPress. Logout and view your blog to see what ads other users may see.

Ads are often duplicated. One ad I saw was supposedly from a dating site where the “girls” contacted the men. Although this may be a genuine site, it is possible that these may be “working girls” or this could be some sort of “honey trap” or scam.

WordPress considers this site meets its guidelines.

The latest ads (maybe below) go to this site (stay away).


Regardless I want viewers to see my writing on the main screen.

I think the proper place for WordPress ads is just before the bottom of posts.

Whaddya think?

Click on the Ads keyword button (top right of this page or at bottom for mobile viewers) to see more of my poems about ads.


Daily prompt: Honk

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